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Dental fears? Schedule Sedation Dentistry.

dentist : (508) 963-8383 META emergency dentist in mass, ma, boston to worcester massachusetts to schedule

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on_call_dentist_header.gif emergency dentist ma boston - worchester mass massachusetts is a private practice in dentistry.  We see patients for emergencies, and comprehensive care.  Toothache, extraction, root canal, denture, partials, x-rays, dental trauma seen on a 24/7, 24_7 basis.  Dental insurance reimburses for the care provided, depending upon the policy.
Phone 508-963-8383 to schedule an appointment.

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At Home Dental Care is a private dental practice with the mission of providing excellent dental care.  Access and availability are considered cornerstones along with courtesy, and quality.  Housecalls, and in office delivery of services are available by arrangement.

We encourage suggestions, comments, or general feedback. Please send all email inquiries to

Toothache and dental emergency cared for promptly. After hours dentistry on demand. Sedation dentistry available.

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emergency dentist Boston - Worcester 24/7 MA on call